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Dear Business Owner,

Slips and Falls are one of the leading causes of accidents!

In North America, fatal Slip and Fall injuries in the home and in the work place almost approximate the fatality frequency of automobile accidents.

What price can you put on floor safety?

The usual remedies for this problem are not working >> Prevention is the KEY!!!

We have developed an exclusive and unique “Floor Safety Maintenance Program™” that protects you, and addresses slipping and falling at the root of the problem.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents!

We are looking forward to assisting you with all your floor safety needs. Please contact us for detailed information on our Floor safety Maintenance Program™, and how we can assist you (see enclosed information).

Thank you, for your kind considerations.


Don Dafoe
President & CEO,
Global Safe Technologies Inc.


Canada:  Suite 275 – 19358 96th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4N 4C1
United States:  3210 Oaklawn Avenue, Suite 127, Dallas Texas 75219


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