This is a collection of our most frequently asked residential questions. If your question is not answered here, please contact us for more information.

  • Q: Could you tell me about Safe Solution® and how it works??

  • Safe Solution® is an invisible non-coating, micro-etch application for hard mineral surfaces such as ceramic tile, cement, steel enameled bathtubs, designed to create an anti-slip surface. Safe Solution® creates invisible, microscopic channels that disperse oils and water from underfoot instead of hydroplaning that normally occurs.
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  • Q: Will it change the appearance of a bathtub or ceramic tile?

  • At first, you may notice a slight haze, which is normal. After time and with regular use, the haze will eventually fade away, the colour will remain the same.
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  • Q: How long does it take to apply?

  • Overall it will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the application and you can use your bathtub or shower immediately.
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  • Q: How long will it last?

  • Provided you do not use abrasive cleansers or cleaners that leave a film, Safe Solution® will last indefinitely.
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  • Q: Is there a guarantee?

  • Yes, if you use our follow up Clean Step multi-purpose cleaner, we will guarantee your bathtub or shower stall will remain Anti-Slip for minimum three years.
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  • Q: Why should I use your cleaner?

  • We cannot regulate or recommend other cleaners that you may use. However, we know our Clean Step cleaner is a superior formulation. It will not interfere with the benefits of your treated bathtub or shower and that’s the reason we can offer this guarantee.
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  • Q: How do I get your cleaner?

  • When you purchase and receive your Safe Solution® Anti-Slip D.I.Y. Kit, you will notice a free trial bottle of Clean Step multi-purpose cleaner included inside the package. A coupon to order Clean Step is also enclosed.
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  • Q: Does Safe Solution® work on acrylic/fiberglass bathtubs?

  • Porcelain and Steel/Enameled tubs respond extremely well to Safe Solution® treatment. Fiberglass or acrylic type tubs cannot be treated. Presently, Safe Solution® does not work on these types of surfaces. However, we are actively developing a product that will.
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  • Q: Is Safe Solution® difficult to apply?

  • The application is a simple three-step process with clear instructions to follow on all product labels in both English and French. Everything you need is included in the Do-It-Yourself kit.
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  • Q: Is Safe Solution® safe for the environment?

  • Safe Solution® is safe and environmentally friendly. We make it safer by including a Neutralizer that converts the remaining residue making it biodegradable and non-hazardous.
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