Traction Restoring & Enhancing System

Before TRES™

Before TRES Floor Treatment

After TRES™

After TRES Floor Treatment

TRES™ is a proprietary application system, designed to restore and rejuvenate traction on all applicable Safe Solution® treated floor surfaces.


  • Restores and enhances traction for a cleaner and safer floor – long-term.
  • Dramatically reduces slip-fall accidents & costly insurance claims!
  • No need to shut down.
  • Floor is ready to use immediately after application process.
  • No covering up surface with unsightly tapes or mats.
  • No destroying tile with scoring or blasting of surface.
  • Environmentally friendly and government approved.
  • Continual reduction of Workers’ Compensation rates while maintaining compliance with safe working conditions.

TRES™ Rejuvenator” – applied annually to maintain the ultimate in slip resistance.